Phone Finder - Indonesia

Phone Finder - Indonesia

Phone thefts have increased in Indonesia in recent years, unfortunately owners are rarely able to find their phone, the police can rarely help in this matter either. Our service allows you to find a phone if someone has placed information about it in our database. The service is completely free and is based solely on Crowdfunding. It can be used not only for stolen phones, but also for lost phones. For our service there is no difference between a stolen or lost phone. When filling in the information you specify IMEI and phone number or email for contact. You can also help our service and other people by telling about the service to your friends and acquaintances, as well as in case of finding someone else's phone by placing information on it. Indonesia is a very popular country for tourism, so the target of kidnappers are usually tourists, but locals can also face cases of phone theft.

The most popular places where phones are stolen:

  • The beach
  • Cafe
  • From a bike
  • Market
  • Stores
  • Tourist places

Yes, unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems - snatching your phone out of your hands if you are standing next to the road or slowly riding a bike. If you are walking, move 2-3 meters away from the road or at least just turn away from it if you need to text or look at a map. On a bike similarly - turn away from the road to a store and look at it quietly.

Tips for the future:

  • Don't ride with your phone in your hand. If you need to see the map/route, stop a meter from the road, in the shade, look and then ride on.
  • It's also convenient to use voice navigation through headphones, with the phone in your pocket.
  • Do not chase kidnappers. The chance to catch up is almost zero, but the chance to fall and get hurt is very high.

And so to start searching fill in the form above enter IMEI and press the Find button. You can also fill out the form on the main page of our Phone Finder project.

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